msc chemistry

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Organic Chemistry

General organic chemistry covers structure, reactions, and synthesis in the study of molecules, their transformations, and the building blocks of organic compounds.

Physical Chemistry

physical chemistry chapters

Physical Chemistry includes chapters on thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy, studying energy changes, reaction rates, atomic behavior, electrochemical processes, and matter-radiation interactions.

Inorganic chemistry

inorganic chemistry chapters

Inorganic Chemistry covers periodicity, coordination, main group and transition metal chemistry, and bioinorganic aspects.

aromatic compounds

all aromatic compounds

Aromatic compounds fall into benzene derivatives, heterocyclic aromatics, polycyclic compounds, and aromatic biomolecules found in biological substances.



Photochemistry involves studying light-induced processes, including light absorption, chemical reactions, and their applications in various fields like solar energy and medicine.

Polymer chemistry

msc polymer chemistry

MSc Polymer Chemistry covers synthesis, characterization, and applications of polymers in various industries.

Natural Product

natural products chemistry

Natural Products Chemistry includes isolating compounds, determining structures, studying biological effects, and synthesizing natural substances for research and application.


heterocyclic chemistry

Heterocyclic Chemistry involves studying basic structures, synthesis methods, biological roles, and reactivity of heterocyclic compounds.

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